Valley Of Bones

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christian t shirt

Ok…. Everyone likes Skeleton Tees. ( they never get over played, I don’t care what you say) And a T shirt with loot of skeletons in a pile is even better. I love this Hand drawn t shirt design from Faveur Clothing.

100% cotton fine jersey fitted tee. Full front print. SOFT-Hand ink printing.

W Mr. Einstein’s Scholarly Advice

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Bon Vivant tee
Limited Edition
100%Certified Organic Cotton
Low impact dyes
PVC-free water based printing

Is Violence the Answer?

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Not a great looking site , Not great looking tees. But if you like FUNNY…. They got some of that.

A few are a bit too0 much, But a good selection at

Mr. T…um Mr.TEE

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Ok, For all the Fans of the amazing 80’s T.V show THE A-TEAM, this is for you.

For all of those who have no ideas or have just heard about the A-TEAM becuase you dont have TiVO or just love movies.

This is for you too.just Frickin FUNNY! I will leave it with that.


How long is that Beard

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funny t shirt

Yes, I realize that some think that mustaches are the ‘in thing” and the great and timeless beard is out…..

But let me say ” Thats just not so!”

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but how far his beard hangs over his chest.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

So Lets Manup!

Pac Man

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With the Recent ‘PAC MAN’ Birthday. Let me suggest-support the greatest game of all time.

While Doing a “little” Bit of Math too.

Busted Tees.


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Fact: Dwight Schrute is hilarious.

Fact: You should get this shirt.